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Consalus Funeral Home has been over the years  the funeral home with a caring nature and loved its community.  Now, with the change in Management along with its ideals is reaching out to many more segments of our society here in Clinton.  

We will still provide the highest quality in funeral services and merchandise.  But now we are able to serve up even more.  Consalus is able to handle any service needs along with letting the Family make their own decisions as to what is needed to help them with serving their lovedone.  

 We serve our families with not only Traditional types of services that Consalus has been known for over the year, but also new memorial services, celebration of life service, specialty in which would allow the family to work with different organizations and clubs.  All the way to camping and Biker groups.  We always provide exceptional service to all faiths, denominations, nationalities, and cultures. This also reaches out to different club offilications and organizations.  Discover what makes us the clear choice for providing unique and dignified funeral services in our community.Please feel free to come by and speak with us about these offerings.  We are "The Choice for Funeral Excellence".  

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Who We Are

We are Local Residence of Clinton, some born and raised right here.  A group of approachable individuals trying to make a difference in our community by showing, good will, compassion, love and support to those in need.  We provide all necessary items and views in order to take your ideas of a glorious send off for your loved one and make it happen.   

Our Location

Consalus Funeral Home is nestled near the Downtown area of Clinton, MO.                        209 South 2nd Street, is where you will find a large brick building with plenty of parking, set across the street from Chel's Bakery, Expresso and Cafe along with the Pediatric Place.                               


Services We Offer

Consalus offers a full array of funeral choices from Traditional Funeral Service, Church Serices, Memorial Services, Memorials where the where your loved one is present for viewing with Cremation to follow.  We also offer Graveside Services and Graveside Memorial Services.  This is just a few.  You can make any of those special with specific changes unique to the loved one or the families preference.  You can mix and match idems to fit what ever your needs are.  

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